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Intersecting Histories: Wartime North Africa and the Holocaust

Join UCLA professors Sarah Abrevaya Stein and Aomar Boum, as they discuss the experiences of North African Jews before World War II as well as the history of the Holocaust and North Africa. 

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Join UCLA professors Sarah Abrevaya Stein and Aomar Boum for a discussion of the Holocaust and North Africa. In sharing their research and analysis of primary source materials, professor Stein and professor Boum will integrate history and anthropology as they explore the complexity and diversity of pre-war Jewish life in Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. From Jewish communities that date back to the pre-Islamic period to communities that were formed by Jews seeking refuge from Europe during the Spanish inquisition and later, these sub-ethnic histories are varied, and we will learn about many factors that contributed to the rich tapestry of Judaism across the region. 

The interplay of colonialism and fascism impacted the lives of the Jews of North Africa in myriad ways. We will hear about antisemitic legislation that was passed by different colonial powers and the policies and actions that followed. Professors Boum and Stein will also discuss the development of labor, internment, and penal camps in the region where Jews were among those imprisoned. The experiences of North African Jews in these camps and in the concentration and death camps of Europe are all part of this often untold history.  

The fact that this history has received relatively little attention is another subject of discussion. While there has been pioneering research in the field and there are ongoing efforts to engage in research and expand existing archives, there are many ways in which this history has not only been neglected but avoided. Why is this the case? What is at stake for our understanding of the past and its relevance to the world today? Join us to explore these questions and be a part of intentionally bringing the Holocaust and North Africa into the broader discourse and into the curriculum.

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